"The more you let Ayurveda and Yoga become the basis for your living, the easier living gets."

Myra Levin



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What Our Students Say

“Taking a class with Marie Harger is an experience everybody should have. Even though she teaches all levels, somehow she keeps it personalized.  Great class! Fun, balancing and challenging when I want it to be.”


- Jason Steuernagel

"Marie considers everything when she teaches, the students, time of day, type of class and more.  Her class is constructed to give us the best possible results.  I go to her because she is so knowledgeable."


-  Becky Cavender

“If you are seeking a small and intimate yoga class this is the place for you. Marie is GREAT at talking you through your poses, giving you one on one attention when you need it, and I love the yoga teaching that she brings to the class. Thanks for always offering a great and creative class Marie!”


- Paula Grunthaner

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